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  • food, foodstuff, pulses, lentils, red lentils, green lentils, edible oils, vegetable oils, edible oil, sunflower oil, forklifts, crane, constrution machinery, portland cement 42.5, marble, pivot irrigation systems, marble tiles, natural stones, cosmetic, cosmetics, perfume, table sets, cabinets, counters, cabinet, counter, meeting tables, office chairs, agricultural machinery, agricultural equipments, plow, disc plow, chisel plow, disc harrow, irrigation systems, office furnitures
    EREL Int. Trade Consultancy LTD Company established in Istanbul in 2013 to be the strongest and well based trade Bridge between Turkey , Africa, Middle East, Far East and Europe .
    Telephone: +90 216 455 05 82  Address: Acıbadem Mah., Cerrah Saliha Sok., No 9/8, Üsküdar, İstanbul, Türkiye
  • cable, wire, kablo, kabel, power cable, low voltage cable, pvc cable, h07v-k, h05vv-f, nyy, yvv, xlpe cable, halogen free, flame retardant, electrical cable, elevator cable, lift cable, submersible pump cable, earth, crane cable, kv, fire resistant cable, flat cable, h05vvh6-f, h07vvh6-f, yvv-f, nyy-flex, submersible cable, pvc, copper, copper cable, cord, elec, power, electric, lan cable, electrical, power wire, cable wire, wire cable, low woltage, electricit
    Our company having activity in Turkish Cable Market as TUREN KABLO since 1999, has started production of a wide range of products like Istallation Cables, Power Cabes, Control
    Telephone: +90 216 304 01 81 Address: Orta Mah., Yetkin Sk., No: 7/1 Orhanlı 34956 Tuzla, İstanbul, Turkey
  • crane systems, cranes, crane parts, crane spare parts, crane spares, monorail cranes, hoisting trolleys, rotation hosting units, single girder monorail cranes, girder cranes, single girder cranes, double girder overhead cranes, overhead cranes, double girder cranes, girder overhead cranes, double overhead cranes, double girder gantry cranes, gantry cranes, girder gantry cranes, single girder gantry cranes, double girder unledged cranes, unledged cranes, girder unledged cranes, crane
    With its experience earned in 8 years in the sector, our company which has started to go into action, to present the dignity it gained to you, our invaluable clients, to progress
    Telephone: +90 542 775 77 70 Address: Nişantaşı Mah. Hazım Uluşahin İş Merk. A Blok No: 95, Selçuklu, Konya, Turkey
  • work platform, mast climber, mast climber work platform, conti, construction hoist, material hoist, industrial hoists, hydraulic load elevator, crane, crane systems, pvc window, pvc door
    Our firm operates in various section of construction and building sector both production and service more than 30 years. We let you more time work safety during construction
    Telephone: +90 258 212 31 23 Address: Antalya Yolu Üzeri, İncilipınar mah. Fevzi çakmak bulvarı, 332/A Pamukkale - Denizli, Turkey
  • aluminum, aluminium, steel boats, steel boat, aluminium boat, aluminium boats, hdpe boat, hdpe boats, mooring boat, mooring boats, aluminium, aluminum, tug boat, tug boats, pilot boat, pilot boats, patrol boat, patrol boats, crew boats, crew boat, motor barge, motor barges, landing craft, landing crafts, pontoon, pontoons, survey boat, survey boats, ambulance boat, ambulance boats, fire boats, fire boat, deck cranes, deck crane
    Loyd Shipyard offers different kind of workboats in different sizes. Standard designs can be to customized according to your requirements. Our high experienced team able to
    Telephone: +90 216 394 20 98 Address: Kazlıçeşme Caddesi, No:20x, 4. Özel Parsel 18. yol, Dİlek Sokak, Tuzla, Tuzla, İstanbul, Turkey
  • aluminum, aluminium, ship, ships, vessels, aluminium vessels, aluminum vessels, steel vessels, tug boats, cargo ships, sea service vessels, open sea service vessels, aluminium, aluminum, service vessels, carriers, side crane bulkers, cargo crane bulkers, cement carriers, livestock carriers, livestock vessels, side crane vessels, cargo crane vessels, cargo vessels, search and cargo boats, tractor drive tug boats, fishfarming barges, barges, anchor handling tugs, tugs, ferries, double ended ferrie
    Sefine Shipyard was established in 2005. It is located in Yalova, Türkiye. Purpose-built on 140.000 sqm, Sefine Shipyard comprises a range of splendid facilities including a full
    Telephone: +90 226 815 36 36 Address: Hersek Mahallesi, İpekyolu Caddesi, No:7, Altınova, Yalova, Turkey
  • xcmg spare parts, xcmg parts, crane spare parts, xcmg truck crane parts, xcmg wheel loader parts, xcmg road roller spare parts, xcmg motor grader parts, xcmg, xcmg crane, hydraulic pump, cat spare parts, komatsu spare parts, shantui spare parts, cummins engine parts, weichai engine parts, shangchai engine parts, excavator spare parts, sdlg spare parts, liugong spare parts.
    ROH engineeing machinery Co.,Ltd. We professional offering top China brand machinery and its spare parts, all parts are from supporting manufacturers. Operate own stock
    Telephone: +86 16622031567 Address: No. 67 Central Rd. Dong Li Dist. Tian Jin, 300308 China
  • ambulance, fire truck, water tank truck, fuel tank truck, truck with crane, sanitation vehicle, concrete mixer truck
    Hubei Chezhidu Special Automobile Co,LTD. is a core enterprise of Hubei Chengli Group .It is the only special vehicle manufacturer in China that was the first to receive the
    Telephone: 86 13396096945 Address: No,007, Bianzhong Avenue, Zengdu District, Suizgou City, Huibei Province, China
  • Mobile Crane, Truck Crane, Truck Mounted Crane, Small Crane, Mini Crane, Crane Truck
    Jining Sitong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is a modern corporate enterprise specialized in the production of medium and small size cranes, founded in 2005 with registered
    Telephone: 86-537-2773888 Address: Rencheng District,Changgou Town,Rencheng District,Northern Nantian Village
  • crane, machine, lift, elevator
    Telephone: +905354561173 Address: Sanayi Sitesi Sanayi Mahallesi 60206 Nolu Cd. No:57 Şehitkamil/ Gaziantep
  • crane, lifting crane, automotive
    Telephone: 0090 342 Address: SANAYİ MAH. 60053 NOLU CAD. NO: 94/ ŞEHİTKAMİL GAZİANTEP
  • crane, air system, rock oil, mineral oil
    Telephone: 0090 342 Address: MAVİKENT MAH. 135025 NOLU SK.52 / A ŞAHİNBEY GAZİANTEP
  • crane, forklift, lifting crane, mobile crane, telescopic crane
    Telephone: 90 (342) 328-94-93 Address: AYDINLAR MH.6002 NOLU CD. NO:18 ŞEHİTKAMİL GAZİANTEP
  • crane, construction, build, building
  • crane, lifting jack, hoisting machine
  • crane, platform, garments, textile, textile products, clothing
  • crane, winch, lifting crane
    Telephone: 90 388 Address: MAHMUDİYE MH. 309. SK. NO:49/B 70100 MERKEZ/KARAMAN
  • crane, lifting crane, construction machinery
    Telephone: 90 (342) 3591192 Address: GAZİKENT MH. 27051 NOLU SK. NO:11/C, GAZIANTEP, TURKEY
  • crane, cranes, crane products, crane product
    Telephone: 0090 3422274141 Address: YUKARIBEYLERBEYİ MAH.84027 NOLU SOK.NO:6 ŞEHİTKAMİL GAZİANTEP
  • crane, cranes, platform crane, platform cranes
    Telephone: 90 (342) 235-68-43 Address: AYDINLAR MAH. DURDU YETKİN ŞEKERCİ NO:18/B ŞEHİTKAMİL GAZİANTEP
  • crane, cranes, crane products, crane product
    Telephone: 90 (342) 3289880 Address: GAZİANTEP, TURKEY
  • emergency escape, rescue vehicle, salvage crane, drilling
    Telephone: 3382126363 Address: HAMİDİYE MH. YENİ SANAYİ SİTESİ 725. SK. NO:9 70100 MERKEZ/KARAMAN
  • crane, vehicle rescue service
  • cutting machines, iron cutting machines, door frame cutting machines, profile cutting machines, construction cranes, concrete cutting machines, monorail cranes, crane rail dam
    Telephone: 90 (342) 2353555 Address: GAZİANTEP, TURKEY
  • iron and profile cutting machines, profile cutting machines, iron cutting machines, construction cranes, gazbeton bims cutting machines, monorail crane, monorail cranes, cutting machines, cutting machine
    Telephone: 0090 3422353555 Address: SANAYİ MAH. 60499 NOLU SK. NO:11 ŞEHİTKAMİL GAZİANTEP
  • crane, lifting crane
    Telephone: 0090 3423291784 Address: MER VEŞEHİR MAH. 49030 NOLU CAD. NO:6 ŞEHİTKAMİL GAZİANTEP
  • crane, cranes, crane products, crane product
    Telephone: 0090 342 Address: HACIBABA MAH. 31032 NOLU SK. NO:18 / 1 ŞEHİTKAMİL GAZİANTEP
  • crane, metals, construction, structure, metallic products
    Telephone: 0 (344) 236 14 14 Address: ŞAZİBEY MAH.64027 SOK.NO:25/A ONİKİŞUBAT/KAHRAMANMARAŞ
  • crane, lifting crane
    Telephone: 0090 3422354060 Address: SANAYİ SİTESİ KÜSGET MH.28 NOLU CD. B BLOK 13 ADA N:14 ŞEHİTKAMİL GAZİANTEP
  • steel rails, heavy steel rails, crane rails, grooved rails, rail connections, tunnel fortification profiles
    Telephone: 4366162 Address: GÜRPINAR MAHALLESİ 7004/7 SOK. NO:4/1 DEPO NO:1 BORNOVA /İZMİR
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