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  • alfalfa, timothy, forage, feed, animal feed, fodder, bale, horse, cattle, premium quality, hay, straw, camel, sheep, animal husbandry
    CEADS is the global supplier of premium quality alfalfa hay and Timothy
    Telephone: +90 212 2865522 Address: Ağaoğlu Maslak 1453, T4b-Blok No:27 Maslak
  • flange, steel pipe, fasteners, sheets, plates, carbon steel lama, profile, gaskets, elbow, encoder flange, steel flange, pipe, forged carbon steel flanges, fittings, cylinder caps, cylinder pistons, hydraulic pipe clamps, hydraulic hose, lama, steel filter, stainless filter, galvanized waste container, waste container, bucket elevator, conveyor, conveyor belt, spiral hoses, spiral pipe, portable grain auger, long range portable grain auger, special auger, continuous spirals, feed mixer, through auger
    Telephone: +90.2565851662 Address: İstiklal Mah. Sanayi Sitesi Uğur Mumcu Cad. No:6 İncirliova/AYDIN
  • animal drug, ruminant drug, feed additive, antibacterial products, disinfectant, liquid auramine, poultry, pet, vitamin supplement
    Our company used in the health of ruminants and poultry industry with over 20 years experience of veterinary drugs and feed additives (premix) serves the
    Telephone: (216) 526 57 20 Address: Mehmet Akif Mah. Osman Gazi Cad. Hercai Apt. No:12 D:1 Ümraniye
  • puff snacks machine, macaroni machine, cereals machine, pet food machine, soya protein machine, corn flakes machine, food extruder, feed extruder
    Jinan Saibainuo Technology Development Co., Ltd is professional manufacturer of advanced effective extrusion machinery and designer of system integration. Saibainuo has 15
    Telephone: +8615165142832 Address: Jinan, China
  • chemicals, feed additives, rubber additives, pharma grade
    Xiangtan Swallow Chemicals Co.,Ltd. is a comprehensive chemical enterprise which integrates the scientific and technological development, production, sale and service. The main
    Telephone: +8618107323396 Address: Torch Industry Park ,Yuetang Area ,Xiangtan ,Hunan,China
  • feed, feedstuff
    Telephone: 90 (537) 2408203 Address: HAYDAR BEY MAH. 32112. SOK. AHATLI APT. B BLOK NO:19, K.MARAŞ, TURKEY
  • flour and semolina plant, feed facilities, grain and pulses plant, screening classification, drinking plant, lentil plant, bulgur facility, eight cased sieve
    Telephone: 90 (342) 2356555 Address: GAZİANTEP, TURKEY
  • rice, forage, oil, cattle fattening feed, cossette
    Telephone: 90 284 513 42 52 Address: Edirne
  • feed, feedstuff
    Telephone: 90 (342) 2415290 Address: AYDINLAR MAH.03044 NL. CAD. NO:13, GAZIANTEP, TURKEY
  • feed, feed stuff, raising livestock, stock-breeding, livestock farming, stock raising
    Telephone: 90 (412) 3450188 Address: ORGANİZE SAN.BÖL.ELAZIĞ YOLU 1.ETAP 19,CAD, DIYARBAKIR, TURKEY
  • feed, feedstuff, food product, food products
    Telephone: 90 (482) 2151545 Address: OFİS OSB MAH. ORGANİZE SAN. BÖLG. 2.BULV. 39. SK NO:12, MARDIN, TURKEY
  • feed, feedstuff
    Telephone: 90 (342) 2411547 Address: AYDINLAR MAH. 52 NOLU SOK. NO:11, GAZIANTEP, TURKEY
  • food products, feed, feed stuff, agricultural, raising livestock, stock-breeding, livestock farming, stock raising
    Telephone: 90 (412) 6115126 Address: İSTASYON MAH.İSTASYON YOLU NO:126, DIYARBAKIR, TURKEY
  • flour, biscuit flour, wheat flour, dairy cattle feed, cattle fattening feed
    Telephone: 90 (422) 3410522 Address: BULGURLU MAH. KANYON CAD. NO:47/1, MALATYA, TURKEY
  • feed, feedstuff, food products
    Telephone: 90 (412) 2252554 Address: YÜKSEK MH. YENİKÖY MEVKİ 1150 SK. HAYVAN BARINAĞI, DIYARBAKIR, TURKEY
  • feed additives, feed supplements, grain, cereal, oil seed
    Telephone: 90 (344) 2111076 Address: ÜNGÜT MAH. PROF. DR. NECMETTİN ERBAKAN BULV. ADALET PARK SİTESİ, NO:133/46, K.MARAŞ, TURKEY
  • pulses, feed additives, feed supplements, cereal products
  • feed, feedstuff
    Telephone: 90 (482) 2902636 Address: ORGANİZE SAN.BÖLG.1,BULV. KAPI NO 1 DAİRE 1, MARDIN, TURKEY
  • feed, feedstuff, agricultural products, raising livestock, stock-breeding, livestock farming, stock raising
    Telephone: 90 (482) 2152333 Address: YUKARI AZIKLI OSB MAH.VALİ FİKRET CAD.NO:8, MARDIN, TURKEY
  • feed, feedstuff
    Telephone: 90 (482) 2152091 Address: MARDİN, TURKEY
  • feed, feedstuff, agricultural products
    Telephone: 90 (482) 2151896 Address: MARDİN, TURKEY
  • feed, feed stuff
    Telephone: 90 (412) 2550154 Address: DİYARBAKIR, TURKEY
  • feed, feedstuff
    Telephone: 90 (414) 3129094 Address: ŞANLIURFA, TURKEY
  • automotive spare parts, trucks, truck spare parts, tires, wheels, battery, automobile spare parts, tankers, trailers, lowbeds, silobas, engine parts, brake systems, engine oils, lubricants, bus spare parts, minibus spare parts, auto accessories, bicycles, motorcycles, municipality vehicles, car care products, garage equipments, chassis parts, automotive glasses, tractors, tractor spare parts, harvesting machines, sowing machines, planting machines, agricultural equipments, pulverizators, animal feed machines, threshing machines, balers, fertilizer machines, silage machines
    Telephone: +90 264 888 30 07 Address: Hanlı Merkez Mahallesi, Sakarya Caddesi, Atatürk Blv., 54060 Arifiye/Sakarya
  • feed, feed stuff
    Telephone: 90 (342) 2416666 Address: GAZİANTEP, TURKEY
  • feed, feeds, feed products, feed product
    Telephone: (342) 241 15 46 Address: AYDINLAR MAH. 030444 NOLU CAD. NO:12/1
  • feed, feed stuff, raising livestock, stock-breeding, livestock farming, stock raising
    Telephone: 90 (412) 7490004 Address: DİYARBAKIR, TURKEY
  • food processing, flour processing, bulgur processing, feed processing, apricot processing, apricot seed processing, almond processing
    Telephone: 90 (422) 2440074 Address: MALATYA, TURKEY
  • medication, feed additive, feed additives, feed supplements
    Telephone: 90 (342) 2381812 Address: GAZİANTEP, TURKEY
  • oil, corn, feed, feedstuff, food products
    Telephone: 90 (414) 3691692 Address: ŞANLIURFA, TURKEY
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